Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer '09

Our summer has been amazingly wonderful to us! We were able to take a road trip, attend a summer concert, had some backyard barbeques, hung out with our family and friends, celebrated everyday to the fullest, enjoyed our garden and rear deck, paused for a moment to complain about the weather --- although, we realize it beats some of the alternatives, LOL! and said, "Thank you to God for blessing and enriching our lives."
We've reconnect with some old friends, make time in our lives for a few new ones, had an unexpected mishap that we continue to "just deal with" for the time being, and Wow! What else?! There's still items a few things we've yet to do yet... like swim in the Lake, making that "promised trip" back to Headlands State Park and Beach... hooking up the cable from the computer to the big screen so that we can have our own little "drive-in" party in the backyard, and sleep at least one night out on the deck, just to stargaze....
But today, I spent some time editing more of our photographs from June's Gaitinburg and Back road trip, that I'd love to share with all of my friends. May you find as much peace in the journey as we did!

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