Sunday, December 06, 2009

Catching up.....

Over the course of the summer, Don and I enjoyed alot of different activities! So much, in fact, that it's now December when I have finally found a moment to edit some photographs and compose a post, LOL! I have soooo much updating to do......

Anyhoo, here's some of the highlights from our first ever visit to on July 9th to Country Concert '09!!!!

The story goes, something like this...... I signed up as a Sugarland fan on facebook and a few days later, I learn that Sugarland is playing in Fort Laramie, Ohio at Country Concert '09 with another one of my favorite country bands, Little Big Town..... {I'll let you imagine the begging that ensued... :} and long story short..... July 9th arrives and off we go!!! We made the two hour road trip without any problems, arrived at the campgrounds, purchased tickets, parked, and a special "Thank You!" to the event staff handicapped parking attendent we quickly learned the ropes.
She explained to us that we needed to get chairs in this line that was beginning to form because when they open the concert area @ 10 a.m. everyone would be running to get some of the best seats for the concert into an area known as "The Gold Circle" Here is an aerial view, I later discovered online {the Gold Circle area is in the lower right directly in front of the stage}:

When the gate opens, all hell breaks loose, people start running... some to the right, some to the left, some taking the center lane and they run, with chairs, coolers ect. trying to be the first however many allowed in the Gold Circle area and with a little help from some new friends who had been there previously, Don and I were soon setting up our lawn chair in the sea of at least a hundred or so...... "This spot looks great to me!"

and "Look, Baby Girl! Someone brought you some seats!" LOL!

Shortly after setting up, we enjoyed watching Joey and Rory on stage. They are the cutest and I just loved their Overstock commercial about the song and guitar! :)

and hubby, he's having a great time! Munching on the BLT your truly made to bring along, with plenty of cold drinks!!!

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