Saturday, February 27, 2010

Reaching some of my personal goals...

I've finally reached my weight loss goal! {and a little more than I intended to lose.} I began my weight loss journey on Thanksgiving 2009 and by changing my eating habits to smaller portions, eliminating a lot of processed foods, and increasing my activity the weight began coming off. By June of 2010, the majority of my clothes were literally falling off of me!
However, I toughed it out, knowing that I wanted to lose more, I resisted shopping for awhile. And here I am.... approximately 40-45 lbs. lighter, feeling healthier than I've felt in quite some, weighing in at 113 pounds. Go, me!!! :)
My next goal: Toning up!

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Nancy Maxwell James said...

WOWSERS! this is awesome...would love to get some pointers from you! :) Hope you are feeling better and thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!