Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Recently, I played with an online mosiac maker so I can have some photograph prints made for my garden journal. I started to create my own handbound book but after the creation of the first signature, I suddenly realized that it isn't going to work the way I was envisioning it. There's a lot in that first signature that I do desire to keep so I'll be un-doing the pamphlet binding and rescuing whatever items I can. For years I've been desiring to purchase a bind-it-all so I can work more with thick, fat, lumpy things, but I believe I'm going to be alright with a very interactive scrapbook instead as there are so much things about creating this garden that I want to truly savor and keep as accurate as possible so that I can learn more about the plants that I'm growing and how they are reacting within the climate I've placed them in. I hope to fill this scrapbook not only with information about the plants, but also sort of a gardener's private diary as well. You may see some pics of those scrapbook pages as I begin to work to create them, of course! it will have to be only on the rainy I'll be in the garden while the sunshine is so I can capture pretty images like this!

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