Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rosa Perfume Delight Hybrid Tea Rose & Pink Delight Butterfly Bush

I love, love, love our garden, and then, I love it some more! My husband is pretty special, too, I cannot tell you how much I love him! Not only does he allow me to buy flowers, he allows me to pick them up in pots, just waiting to be planted somewhere within the garden. I'm blessed for certain because he is the one who normally mows... hence, my desire to plant all my lovelies into their flowerbeds, making it easier for both of us to love them in our own ways. I get to enjoy them in full-bloom, while he's thankfully he's not running them over, LOL!

After a wonderful dinner in the evening, we stopped at one of our favorite garden centers, Oakland Nurseries in Delaware, Ohio. We arrived just prior to closing, but felt no rush since I knew what I was after. I've had this burning desire to add a climbing rose to our garden, and of course, a beautiful butterfly bush wouldn't hurt anything, would it? I, also, needed to restock up on some wild birdseed. The guys who work the nursery are wonderful and quickly came to our assistance, but unfortunately they only had one climbing rose left and I just wasn't picturing it in our garden. So, while the guys chatted, I continued to browse, breathing in deeply in the rose-scented air, I felt a little headed from all the excitement that one of these beauties could be making a new home with us in our garden, but I knew from the moment I smelled this beautiful Rosa Perfume Delight {a hybrid tea rose} that she would coming home with me! The scent from her is so heavenly!

I quickly walked around the garden center, taking in all the sights and sounds. Beautiful plants and flowers everywhere you look, but it was a Pink Delight Butterfly Bush that truly captured my attention. I know it will grow to become a huge bush, towering inbetween 5-6' tall and it's a arching style of shrub. It contains beautiful dark pink flowers that will bloom through the summer and on into the fall, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies to our garden. I thought it would make for a wonderful backdrop for our wishing well and the Rosa Perfume Delight rose, gently climbing up one side. Now I sit here day-dreaming of yet, another flowerbed design plan and wishing I had some white exterior paint. ;)

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