Friday, July 30, 2010

Gardening thoughts...

Creating and establishing a garden space has been such a rewarding experience for me! I'm excited to venture in and explore what's new, what's changing on a daily basis, learning how the plantings and flowers respond to the environment that I've so loving place each and every one within. I'm learning each plants likes and dislikes, what itsects and bugs prefer what flower and why, and how to remove them successfully with little or no damage to the plant, the bug, or me!

Take the asphids that I caught chewing on my rosebush leaves; did you know that a thorough spray from the garden hose will remove them? Of course, you gotta use some common sense, but there's where knowing a plant's likes and dislike come into play, what kind of diseases they're sucsectible to, so you can hopefully avoid making the plant ill while trying to combat the pest problem. I gave my double pink Knock-Out rose a good spraying yesterday morning to remove the asphids from the leaves of the plant. Afterwards, a gentle shake to remove some of the excess water from the bush and I left the rest of the drying to good ole' Mother Nature. Her sunshine and light winds had that rosebush dried out in no time! My evening inspection revealed that I had indeed successfully removed the asphids and I sighed a sighed of relief; no need for a soapy water application.

I also noticed that this bush is establishing a lot of new canes and the existing canes are continuing to grow. I'm actually surprised by the growth, yet remain hopeful that there is just as much going on underground with establishing the rosebush's root system as there is growth going on on the top!

These are things that I want to remember, the daily jaunts into the garden, the little discoveries that I've made along the way, so I've been keeping a journal for the garden only. Of course, it is filled with a variety of gardening information re; the plants themselves... but there's also a lot of information I'm learning by doing and observing. I've also been photographing the garden on a regular basis ---- it will help me establish a time-line of what's bloom when, what's fading, and what's about to come into bloom so that I can establish a Spring to Fall continous cycle with something of interest going on with the perennials. The annuals, well, I got lucky with the petunias and the angelonias continous blooms! That takes some of the pressure off that there's always something of interest going on somewhere! I've been spending some of my non-gardening time blogging and editing some of the garden photos. I'm desiring to send them out to get the photo developed later this fall so I can create a 2010 garden scrapbook album and incorporate some of the notes I make daily in my journals. It will be interesting to see some of the changes in the garden and in the journals year after year. Well, I'm off to make more observations as I begin my morning garden chores --- the bird feeders are calling for refills and the plants are waiting patiently for their early morning sprinkle. *smiles and waves*

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