Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Morning Stroll....

Recently I've been day-dreaming of what I'd love to add to our garden;  my mind's eye sees lots of greenery and  flowers where there are none, gentle, curving winding paths carved out of the lawn where none previously existed,  pathways that lead you on into our rear and garden, spurring you one to see what awaits right around the next curve or corner. Don't all gardeners do that? On to dreaming about the next project or garden addition before their completely done with the one at hand?

Anyways, I sure to seem to and adding an arbor was on my "someday" list; I really wasn't expecting to obtain one so soon but when the unexpected happens and you find a deal too darn good to pass up, well, let's just say, you sigh, smile with happiness, and count your blessings one more time!

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