Saturday, August 14, 2010

An early morning stroll...

"Come, let's go for an early morning stroll through the garden, shall we?" I just love here so early on these August mornings. It's going to be another hot day, but for now there's still a faint whisper of a chill in the early morning air, as the gentle breeze blows softly against one's skin. But it isn't the weather that brings me here, it's the colors of the garden that draws me so early in the morning hours. It's a special time when the garden offers up a rare glimpse, or a hint, that perhaps, something magical may have occured overnight as  the stars shone in the night sky.

It is the header bed that is one of  the leading stars of the show. The periwinkle simply comes to life within the pre-dawn night. Isn't it beautiful? I love how it "pops" with it's white color  and how its green texture adds a sense of softness to the rocks around the bed's border and then, mimics the brickwork of the watergarden. Notice how the white hues of the periwinkle pulls the white color of the wishing well out from the darkness and out into the light.

The soapbubble gazing ball lies covered with the early morning dew, nestled in amongst the periwinkle that  shines in the pre-dawn light. The light is also captured and contined within the branches and leaves of the silver frost butterfly bush. Beside it, there's a surprise {bush/plant/flower?} growing, and the delphiniums are going dormanant since their long past their bloom. But what cracks me up and brings a smile to my face is my peony bush!!! ROFLOL! This peony is 3 yrs. old but this is the first year out of a pot. When I planted it this spring, it barely reached the top of the chicken wire cage I created to prevent droopy blooms. Well, it didn't bloom, but it certainly seems to love it here... just look how it bushed out! I'm betting there will be a blast of blooms on this beauty next year, but for now we'll just admire its crazy antics and enjoy it in the moonlight.

There's gentle flowing curve to the header bed that invites you further in to explore and look beyond what is visibly there; look closely, there's sure to be some pure magic tucked in here and there!

An angel watches over the Betty Prior rosebush while the Radtkopink double pink knock-out sneaks up to become another rising star in the show. Isn't it beautiful? I'm thinking its time to cut me a fresh rose bouquet soon... swoon! Just look at those long, lovely beautiful stems...

The watergarden is also a profusion of blooms with the angelonia and pink and white petunias continuing to shine, even in the pre-dawn hours of the night's sky! The wishing well makes a beautiful statement although the potted petunias that were planted there haven't faired so well with the past 16 days of 90 degree heat, but here in the moonlight the green and whites come to life.

But it's the magic in the rays of a certain morning light that brings me here. It's a beautiful light that makes everything seem to glow and tell you, "Hello."

It's cool and brief, a fleeting light, lasting only a moment or two before it's gone... like a memory, lying forgotten, until it's waken by the morning light once again.

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