Wednesday, September 08, 2010

August's end and Sweet September beginnings...

The weather here in the Ohio Valley took a sudden shift there for a few days this previous week. We went from sunny and hot, 90 degree days/ high's in the 60's at nights, to dipping down into the 70's for the daily high and into the low 40's overnight one night.  The cooler air was a welcomed relief, even if only here for a few days... it was still a gentle reminder of days to come; yet provided us with another good weather opportunity to continue to work outside of our home and on our landscaping.

We were able to take advantage of a few end of the season sales and ended up obtaining a couple of really good deals on a few items we've been desiring to add to our landscaping and gardens. The first, a new glazed birdbath at a 1/3 of the original price! The second, some landscaping blocks, pavers, and mulch!
Of course, while shopping for some good garden and landscaping bargains, we came across another new rose that yours truly just had to have --- but more on that later.

It's here in the side yard bed that I've been continuing to provide my constant attention. After weeding and digging to aerate the bed recently, I knew I needed to get a border added to this bed to keep the weeds from creeping back in. I'd even made a mental note of a concrete border that I desired, but when we returned to purchase them, they were all but gone, so we settled for 72 bricks @ 32 cent apiece. After loading and unloading several times, I finally got them in place, although there's still some adjustments needing to be made to straighten it, create a drainage trough, its enough for now to keep the mulch from washing out into the yard and away.

I, originally was envisioning some sort of stone path, but once I tried several arrangements using the pavers I'd purchased, I gave up on them entirely in this location and moved them to the bottom of the deck stairs to help fill in and make that area of our yard a bit more safe and secure. I left some room inbetween the blocks, to fill with stone and perhaps, next year, I can add some potting soil and try going a good ground cover there like some creeping thyme.

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