Sunday, January 30, 2005

Besides the remodeling.........

I'm continuing to work on the Tag booklet. Did I mention how much I love this little piece of artwork? {wink} I'm desiring to add some B&W pics of my grandmother and more journaling. I don't have any "treasured keepsakes" of hers, however, my mom does. Desiring to surprise her one year by re-framing a needlepoint artwork of The Lord's Last Supper, my brother discovered my grandparent's wedding license hidden underneath. Also, my mom has some pictures in her scrapbooks, her bible, and some memontos that I'm thinking I could photograph, scan, and copy; so all isn't lost.

Desiring that I had some of her things, reminded me to keep some ephermera from my life to pass on. I chuckled when I wondered if my dear daughter would treasure all my art supplies, vintage button collection, bits of fabric, lace, and collage elements as I do....... and wondered where she'd store them all, ROFLOL! Maybe, I should create her a beautiful heritage-styled keepsake box with a some of my treasured bits and pieces. ............just what I need now, another project!

I did sign up for an online genealogy free two trial, only to become extremely frustrated, LOL! I couldn't find any information online. I guess I was too hopeful that I would simply come across someone who had already created it. I do know that both sides of my family heritage has been kept..... my older sister, Karen, has traced my mother's side...... while my deceased Uncle Don had traced my Dad's side of the family. I'm thinking my mom even at one time had some of this information so I need to go visit and ask re: all this while I still have the opportunity to do so. There is so much re: my family heritage that I now desire to know.

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