Sunday, January 30, 2005

Just an update on my recent remodeling.......

My new computer amoire is painted! A deep, dark burgandy........ Imagine black cherry on wood and you got it, LOL! I believe I'll need to purchase more paint, I mananged to get one coat on and there is some deep, dark streaks where the paint brush and roller overlapped. Unfortunately, one coat simply isn't enough.... so another will need to be added prior to sanding, a little distressing, and polyurathaned.

One thing I'm not liking is the dark color really makes this cabinet seem more giantic than it actually is...... so now I'm thinking some beautiful Waverly fabric or wall paper decorated with cabbage roses along with some gold or hunter painted wood rope trim decoupaged upon the doors will create a "faux-raised panel" effect to tone down the visual size of this piece of furniture. At least, that is what I'm striving for, LOL! It will be awhile before I relocate it and finally install the computer within it.

With all the new paint, white ceiling and Churchhill Hotel Vanilla on walls, new antique gold and white distressed curtain rods and gold sheer curtains hanging over white mini-blinds, my printed floral living room set really sets the stage! I'm so loving it and am excited re: how beautiful it will be once the Red Oak hardwood flooring is installed.

I, also, am doing some research re: creating a fabric collage. I thought how kewl would it be to create a fabric collage for my wall! I'm thinking large........ maybe 28" x 34" created in some light off-whites and some light-yellow undertones would be perfect. Of course, I'll add in some cool colored browns and black for some contrast. Tab style hangers for a decorated dowel rod for hanging and maybe a gold curtain pull with tassels for a decorative element. I've been raking my brain trying to figure out how to do some larger fabric transfers using stamped images, and came to the conclusion I'll probably have the office supply store create some enlargements that I can transfer on. I'm open to any ideas others may have re: creating this.... I have an idea of what I desire the finished artwork to look like and a saying picked out to add on mixed media style blocks of fabric. ........ The journey continues {sigh}, guess I really need to ask for a sewing machine for my upcoming birthday!


Tatterededge said...

I would suggest using Avery Ink Jet Transfers. You can get an envelope of them at Staples or whatever your office supply store is. They are really easy to use. You can scan in your image and print it off onto the transfer sheets. Then you just iron it onto your fabric. Easy peasy!

Cathy said...

Thank you, Faith. You saved me the trouble of emailing you, LOL! After seeing your beautiful quilts, I figured you'd have an answer.