Monday, January 17, 2005

Dr. Martin's Hydrous Fine Art Watercolors

Now, I haven't actually experiment with these; they are on my ever-changing and growing wish list. From research that I've done on them they are simply amazing!!!! Available in an already liquid form of pure, high intensity color that is perfect for dripping, use in a spray bottle, oiler boiler, or into/onto a brush. Each bottle comes with an eye dropper already included in the lid of the bottle for movement onto a palette. You may allow them to dry and re-liquify later making them perfect for a travel kit! Available in a 1/2 oz. or 1 oz. bottle, and also in sets.

While we're on the subject of wishlists, LOL! Bleed Proof White is another product I'm admiring. It is supposed to cover dyes without an underlying color bleeding through, and can be worked over once dry. It is important to remember this product is for covering; not mixing! Sounds to me like the perfect medium for adding light to one's artwork and can you imagine using it with a calligraphy pen and nib for writing text over your artwork on ATC's, altered books, and collages? Wooo-hoooo! Cannot wait to purchase this!

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