Monday, January 17, 2005

Golden Acrylics

Golden Acrylics are my favorite brands, with Liquitex a close second. Golden's are a heavy body'd acrylic in their original line of acrylic paints. They consist of a smooth, buttery consistency and are available in a variety of colors and the even offer a unique "interference" and "iridescent" colors available in both course and fine properties. A new line of Historical colors were recently introduced as well!

Interference color "flips" from a bright opalescent color to another opalscent compliment. It can be used alone or with other colors, gels, and mediums. While the Pearls are extremely helpful with artwork... they are available in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and yes! even Copper that develops a non-tarnishing metallic finish. Stainless Steel and Micaceous Iron Oxide's are other products that Golden produces, these contain highly reflective metallic mica pigments. OHHH-LAA-LA!

Golden's Fluid Acrylics are a high intensity, permanent acrylic with colors the consistency of a heavy cream. Also, available in interference and iridescent colors that give a really juicy, wet look when used with a gloss medium and it also makes a great glaze!

Let's talk a little more about acrylics; I love them, can you tell?
Acrylics can be used for similar techniques of oil paints and watercolors; yet unlike watercolors, acrylics dry darker rather than lighter. An important property to remember. Undercoatings will not be disturbed when you paint over them, although it is harder to lift an acrylic than it is a watercolor. One thing to ALWAYS REMEMBER: NEVER MIX ACRYLICS WITH OILS! You may paint over acrylics with oil paints; but acrylics will not adhere over oils! Always use a synthetic brush with acrylics. They are perfect for outdoor projects as the are more weather-resistant and retain their brillance with age. It is best to apply a coat a varnish over any artwork to be displayed indoors or outdoors and best to apply after at least 5 days of complete drying time.

You can mix pigments with 1 part water to one part acrylic medium for proper binding properties. Be careful here, use too much water is added to dilute the acrylic, your artwork will become grainy. Various mediums such as Flow Aid, Slow Dry, ect. add to the magical effects one can create with acrylics. Flow Aid is pretty much as the name describes, it increases the flow of the acrylic as well as dilutes the consistency of the acrylic. Slow Dry, slows drying time allowing you to work in the acrylic more. A palette that is non-porous such as plastic, glass, or even plexiglass is perfect for acrylic mixing and mediums.

Another product on my wish list of items I'd love to try is Dr. Phil Martin's Spectalite {Liquid} Acrylics. With a high intensity and brillance of color that is supposed to contain a superior lightfastness and durability to any artwork. I wish the buck stopped here, I could use the Mooo-Laaa to buy more art supplies, LOL!

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