Saturday, January 22, 2005

Good Morning!

Awh, what a beautiful Ohio morning it is! I enjoying waking up early, before fiance stirs, it is my "quiet time of the day" where I sit enjoying the peace while savoring that first cup of fresh-brewed coffee. It is quite beautiful here today! Already this a.m., I saw a beautiful thunderstorm with snow vs. rain; although it appeared very wet! I wasn't venturing outside in my pj's to actually check it out! There is at least 3-5 inches of freshly fallen snow laying untouched across the acre in our backyard. The "path" fiance shoveled out to my studio is now covered once again and there isn't a trace of any footprints left remaining from my artistic adventure last night.

My friend made it over later than usual, so we decided to go out for a late dinner. Spent the time discussing art, our dreams, goals, and ideas. We talked and shared our ideas re: designing for manufacturers and spurred ideas off of one another re: breaking into the fast growing, ever-changing Paper Arts Industry. We did manage to accomplish a small amount of art, Chris with a SB Box and I finished up my Valentine's Tags for a upcoming swap. Hopefully, I can get out there and play some more today!

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