Thursday, January 20, 2005

Understanding Adhesives

With so many types of adhesives on the market, one could literally spend weeks researching and writing about them. I personally haven't worked with many adhesives that I simply dislike! unless "Super glue" counts and you like prying the skin off your fingers to get them separated once again, LOL!

I like to use a wide variety of them within my artwork and have found that many Paper Art Artists are very knowledgible re: them and are willing to share most information with anyone desiring to learn what adhesive they used in a piece of artwork. For the most part, use of adhesives are a very personal choice and vary from artist to artist. I say simply play and try new ways to experiment with them, one never truly knows what you may discover along the way.

A good web reference for gluing almost anything to any surface, is the website.

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