Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year! Welcoming 2005!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I am so excited about the New Year as I've a felling it will provide me with an opportunity for a new start, a new beginning, a desire to branch out into new areas. To celebrate the upcoming year I've created my blogspot, have began working on it, learning the "in's" and "out's" of it all {an ongoing process, I'm sure!} I'm hoping to post some of my previous artwork and am looking forward to adding in some of the new artwork I'll create in the upcoming year. I believe my art is beginning to emerge, to become, to be..... in a way I've never experienced before. I'm feeling a new "push" taking place within me. The last 5 years I've spend an amazing amount of money collecting art supplies, trying new techniques, and experimenting with a lot of styles. I feel this year will be different as I am hopeful to simply find and begin to develop more of my own style!

I spent part of my day yesterday shopping for some new art supplies: A trip to Michael's where I purchased the Jan/Feb Somerset Studio mag. A trip to Stampland, where I cannot believe I was actually in a stamp store and didn't purchase a single stamp, LOL! I saw several that really caught my eye and laughed as I realized that most were Stampers Anonymous stamps and Toybox Art stamps --- several that I currently own. So what did I purchase? TWINKLING H2O's from Angelwing, Ent. !!! I got six 10 gram jars in the #602 kit containing Passion, Garnet, Gold Dust, Ferm, Majestic Blue, & Sunburst. The colors are amazing and I simply cannot wait to get started playing with them.

My next stop, was into Scrapbook Art where I noticed just how selective my tastes in supplies are now that I've been on a no art supply hiatus for a while. I purchased one new book..... Designing With Fabric to add to my "Designing With..." collection; 4 sheets of Basic Grey India Ink and Griffin papers; Sticko Inscribables Metal Stickers "January - December" for a new calendar creation for my art studio {a great bargain at 50% off!}; More Karen Russel Narrative Tags in a "time" theme for an upcoming art project I've been putting some thought into; MM acrylic paints: spotlight, steel, and asphalt. I'm still in shock that I paid $1.99 per bottle for these but I've heard great reviews on the MM paint, so the artist in me just HAD to try them out.! My last purchase there was for 2 of the MM Medium round tins to add to the MM Magnetic Chalkboard fiance got me for Christmas along with the small basket, small magnetic clips, and the dream, inspire, create magnets.

My mind has been on re-organizing my studio lately. It definately could use a good cleaning, putting away some supplies, and getting things put back in their proper places. I'm hopeful that after spending some time organizing my "creative Muse" will come out to simply play!


Tatterededge said...

Hi Cathy! Your studio is wonderful! I am envious! It looks like you have a huge area to play in. Then there's me, making do at the kitchen table. Luckily, dh doesn't care if I bury the table in art supplies. The only problem is it gets messy and I am constantly tidying in order to have company for dinner. Someday, I am going to have my own studio...when we buy a house...someday....*dreams*

Cathy said...

Awhhh, do I remember those days... :) It is great having a *dream* room for all those supplies! Best wishes on yours! Maybe I'll post some tips for designing a place of one's own within my blog as well. I've received some amazing compliments on my creative space.