Thursday, January 20, 2005

Understanding Rubber Stamp Ink Properties and Qualities....

Other products that I use besides watercolors, acrylics, colored and graphite pencils within my artwork are rubber stamp inks. I'm aware that there is quite a bit of information on rubber stamp message boards written by those with good intentions, however, I've learned for complete understanding of what types of inks are available on the market, learning their properties of what they can and cannot do, learning and knowing how to use them to achieve the desired results within one's artwork can often be confusing.

What I've found works best to really gain a complete understanding of inks is to visit the manufacturers websites. Nearly every rubber stamp ink on the market today, lists the manufacturer and often their website. I suggest to truly know if an ink is capable of producing the results you are seeking, you take the time to visit their sites and search for the product information. Many sites, like Ranger's link above, also now contain a helpful FAQ's page. I like to visit the website and will often copy and paste the information into a blank MS Word document. This allows me a quick and easy reference tool.

While you are on the site, also, look to see if the manufacture features a gallery of artwork produced with the products they sell. Many companies feature artwork that is created using their products and often list the type of ink, the color of ink(s) used, and the techniques used to create the art.

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