Friday, February 18, 2005

An Artful Journey Journal

I am so excited and inspired! I signed up for an Art Journal RR in with a online group that I am a member of.

Here is the general idea: "envision" a journal that you created by hand with beautifully decorated covers created by the owner. The first several pages would be filled out by the original creator of the book, setting the stage for the other participants. The rest of the pages are filled with wonderful illustrations, inspiring quotations, hints & tips, stampings, stickers, drawings, paintings, little treasures or whatever, and - because this a journal, there would be text parts and journaling, too.

Other participants create and discuss how and where they find ideas and inspiration, as well as subjects and themes they find inspiring. Possibly short stories about art projects, certain themes which are haunting around this person, a variety of different styles, techniques, materials, patterns, motifs, possibly stencil-filled pages with writing complete with funky letters and vivid colors. Each participant in the project express their approach to art and any habits or rituals that inspire them to create art. There is references about their own art, favorite materials, and little notes filled with tips and techniques.

Sounds fascinating, I am so captivated! :)

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