Friday, February 18, 2005

My Ideas on the Artful Journey Journal

I'm envisioning a temporary binding, possibly a simple binding that can be removed after the swap is completed. I'm thinking the file folder holders used to hold loose-leaf papers in a folder to send through the mail. With a hand-drawn border in the "creative space" to be decorated by each participant in the RR. For pages, I see a watercolor cold press #140 for a variety of mediums to be added. These pages would be lightly walnut washed thoroughly to give my Artful Journey Journal a time-worn, aged, distressed appearance.

I've been desiring to purchase a Cavellini Leather Bound Roma Lussa Journal for quite some time. I'm thinking the temporary binding can be removed upon arrival home to me, the pages trimmed to fit the journal, and then layered or tipped in. Having decided that is what I desire, I went to work on what I desired to include within the journal. This is still a work in progress, but here is what I have to share so far.

“The unexamined life is not worth living” ~ Socrates (470-399 B.C.).) {The perfect quote for the project, don't you agree?}

Journaling intro:
"I imagine that there is nothing quite like the time-worn elegance of a much-loved leather journal with its aged and distressed covered tome that has been read so many times the title has long since been faded away from the many times it was so lovingly placed between two hands.

It will be from within the well- planned journey of the journal pages that so many artists will be able to record their passions, their hopes, and their dreams. I am hopeful that each of the artists involved in this process will describe, in great detail, the desires of their own heart’s art. I have provided some prompts to inspire and assist you; feel free to use them as inspiration to achieve my desire of the final project.

What I am envisioning to be contained within the aged-to-perfection beautiful, rich parchment pages, lies within the thoroughly, well-documented explorations that will spill forth from one artist to another. I am certain that each artist will offer something unique to this journal. I am hopeful that with every contribution that is added , the artwork itself will become something to be anticipated with every turn of the page and enable the journal itself to possess a life all of it’s own."

Tags that contain the following suggestions would be added to temporary journal and the final Leather journal once returned to me. They are not to be followed to the "T" but rather to inspire the artist working within the RR group.

What is your favorite medium of choice?
(You may chose more than one; be sure to provide an example)

Where do you create your artwork?
(Describe to me the contents of your space, the atmosphere within, or feel free to use your imagination here and describe what your dream studio would be like. Make an illustrated sketch. )

Describe to me and provide an example of an artwork style that your soul is drawn towards.

Name an artist who artwork inspires you or whose artwork influences your art. Provide a picture or sketch of the artist or an example of their artwork.

Share with me a favorite technique.
This may be a background technique or an accent.

List a word or a phrase that you tend to overuse in your artwork. Describe what it is that inspires or attracts you to it.

What is your favorite color(s) to create with?
List the emotions the color(s) evoke within you.

What are your art dreams?
How important are they to you and what are you doing now to accomplish them?
Provide a visual example.

Is there a distinguishing feature that re-occurs within your artwork? Provide an example and explain why you are attracted to it.

Is there something within your artwork that you would change?
Describe and provide an example.

Discuss a good art habit that you have developed. Provide an example.

Describe your favorite piece of artwork to date. Enclose a sample or a photo of it.Share a favorite quote that inspires your heart and mind. Try to re-create a sample of the artwork it inspires upon the page.

Life is composed of many written words that impact our lives. Those words often inspire new ideas that allow us to express ourselves in a more intimate way and help us to discover ourselves. Describe to me such a book. List the title and authors name, include a picture of the cover if you desire, but most importantly describe to me how it influences you art. Please provide an example.

I'll definately need to consider something unique to add to the character of the journal for the sign in pages. However, for now, I cannot wait to actually begin working more on this, creating the pages, making revisions to the text and intro, and creating the artwork that will accompanied the project's first pages that will set the theme of the journal. I've two weeks to get the ideas down and te actualy create the temporary pages of the book. I'm so excited....

I'm certain with this group of artists it will be every bit as wonderful as I envision it!

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