Sunday, February 20, 2005

Bookbinding Hints & Tips

When creating books by hand, I've discovered it is easiest to begin by preparing the pages prior to binding the book, although the book is usually created with the binding style desired in mind. Determining the binding style first assists with determining the size of the finished book and the size of the interior pages. I usually prepare my pages 1/8" - 1/4" smaller on the top, sides, and bottom of the book. This allows for the covers to protect the interior contents of the book.

I use a variety of techniques to decorate the pages of my books. In the Journey of 2 Sisters, Colorbox Chalk Ink in Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ouchre, and Amber Clay was stippled using the Toybox Art Stipple Brushes. Toybox's stipple brushes are available in a variety of sizes that are evenly numbered beginning with 2 and going up to a size 8. The #2 brush is perfect for fine detailed areas, whereas the #8 brush is used for backgrounds. Rubberbands can be wrapped around the brushes to gather them together allowing a little more detail to be achieved. The brushes can be used with a variety of mediums from inks to paints such as acrylics, Twinkling H2O's, and Radiant Pearls. I do like to purchase a lot of stipple brushes. I separate mine by medium used and use the same brush within a color family..... reds and pinks, one brush, ect. I always try to work from light to dark when working with them. I have found I have greater success with the satisfaction of a finished product when I begin with the lighter color in the area of greatest interest and work outward from there using a medium shade of the same color and working to a darker shade.

I, also, love pastels. One of my favorite brands are the Koss brands. They are available from The box I own contains 48 pastels, includind neon colors. They run $17.95 & shipping. I use a variety of items as applicators, however, I find for background work, I prefer a cotton ball and rubbing to transfer the pastel color onto the paper. I use a regular cardstock, not expensive, normally the Georgia Pacific brand available from most WalMarts {500 sheet count/$4.97}

There are a variety of stamp and ink techniques that can be transferred to the creation of one's pages. The fun is in discovering what works for you and simply experimenting and playing! :)

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