Sunday, February 20, 2005

Rules are made to be broken.......


Ok, not all pages HAVE to be prepared prior to binding a handmade book. However, you will find by doing the desired background technique first, you won't have too many problems going back in and finishing or adding to the pages. A sheet of wax paper larger than the prepared background page can be slid in between pages and will protect the previous pages as you work.

However, there are certain mediums that I would not try that with. Acrylic paints, because I'm messy with them; Watercolors, for obvious reasons, they are WET! Radiant Pearls, because these paints dry by absorption rather than evaporation. Allowing them to dry overnight works the best for me and determining whether to use a sealant/fixative varies per project. You can find the Radiant Pearls by doing a search for them; visiting Angelwing Enterprises site at; and I found an excellant comparison and informational chart available at

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