Saturday, February 19, 2005

It worked!

I am so happy! Rolling the paint on thick worked.... and also the corners and edges I touched up with the brush. I decided to go ahead and paint the backside of the cabinet, too. My thoughts were since it is on swivel style rollers now, I may one day want to push it out away from a wall and use it more as a room-style divider. Although, I still need to put one last coat of paint on the two sides, back, and top of the cabinet, I'm excited about the progress I've made today.

I'll be looking for fabric or wallpaper to decorate the faux-raised panels on the door soon and will once again price the rope style wood trim which I will either stain or paint hunter green. Also, Sheila mentioned she may have some stencils I could use, will have to check to see what she may have. I need to see if I still have some polyurathane in the basement left over from the studio remodel to apply one last final coat to amoire. Making progress......... :)

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