Saturday, February 19, 2005

Back to the Computer Amoire.....

In a last ditch effort, hopeful to actually finish getting the computer amoire painted, I decided today to open one of the quarts of paint and try my luck with using it again. It has been over two hours since I went back over the previously painted brushstrokes, this time back to using the roller again. I can FINALLY say, "I'm happy!" I rolled the paint on much thicker than I had previously, and it is coming out the beautiful burgandy that I desired! I just touched a few areas in the corners where the roller didn't reach, and I am *praying* that it works; it brushed it on thick as well. I will be SO HAPPY, when this cabinet is finally finished and my computer is actually inside it. My thoughts were to try it one more time using only one quart of the paint, IF I wasn't happy with the results then, Dennis would get the other quart back and I would resolve to go buy a gallon of another type of paint. Please say a silent prayer for me that this works...... I desparately want this project to be over!!!!

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