Friday, February 04, 2005

Life is what happens.........

while you are making other plans. ~John Lennon

Definately seems to work that way in my life. On Monday, Don had a cardiac stress test completed at his request. He had been experiencing some decreased circulation in his lower legs, coldness, some weakness and burning in his arms, paleness, and tiring easily. The results of the test lead us to McConnell Heart Hospital in Columbus, OH on Wednesday where a Heart Cath was performed.

We arrived Wed. at 7 a.m. to McConnell Heart Hospital where Don was immediately admitted and prepped for the heart cath at 7:55. The procedure started around 11 a.m. and by 12:00 {noon} he was in recovery. An overnight stay and we were back home by 12:00 today. We've definately been blessed.....

The heart cath revealed 4 blockages, 3 of them 95-99% blocked within two arteries. One artery contained two blockages approx. 1" apart. All 3 of these were repaired with stents; while the one artery was stented twice using longer stents to prevent future collapsing. The 4th, a 70% blockage, will be cleaned and stented within another 2-4 weeks due to the dyes used to show the blockages is very hard on the kidneys....... which Don only has one.

I had a very long talk with his Dr. re: Don's arterioscorosis. It seems his in more genetic/heredity in nature. His cholesteral is great; he is not overweight, and physical excersize is perfect for one with a disability of CP {cerebal palsy}. So, being aware re: his physical condition is key! We simply need to be more aware re: any weakness, signs of chest discomfort, and in his case, weakness in the extremities and lack of circulation. Very difficult for us to notice as these changes are subtle and come on gradually; so relying on family & friends who don't see us as often will help along the fact, we know the warning signs now. We were very fortunate to have headed them off before a heart attack occured. His heart is very strong, with no damage done to any of the heart muscle.

We are both back home now --- rested and refreshed. I'm not really looking forward to going back in a few weeks; however, I'm glad we've the opportunity to do so. It definately bets the alternative! I think it will be less stressful for me, knowing what to actually expect.

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Tatterededge said...

Hey Cathy,
I am sorry your dh was ill but glad that you were able to catch it before it got worse and they were able to help him right away. Must have been stressful for you though!
I can totally relate-my dh has blood pressure issues and we have been back and forth to the Nephrologist several times. I worry about his kidneys, but so far so good. I promised him one of mine if need be someday, but the idea of his kidneys failing freaks me out.

I will say extra prayers for your dh and hope he will be as good as new soon. Hugs to you for being brave!