Saturday, February 12, 2005

Some NEW artwork!!!

Chris came over last night so we headed out to the studio to play! Man, did that ever feel good!!!! Neither of us was in the best of spirits, I was simply feeling a little rundown and Chris is beginning to get the cold -bacterial/virusy thing. Poor girl. {Chris, if you read this, I hope you get to feeling better soon!} What was nice is that we are comfortable enough with one another that we don't feel the need to have to entertain each other, LOL! It was good to be with a friend who is so understanding, kind and considerate; especially when your not at your best.

Chris was late, naturally. She has a way of getting sidetracked! It is one of those things you learn to love about her. She stopped off at Sears to purchase a new sewing machine. Knowing I've been desiring to purchase one, she's leaving it here in the studio for a bit and welcomed me to play around with it. I did mention to Don that is what I'd love to have for my birthday this year so we will wait and see what comes of that. I'm certain he will as he suggested that Chris should go with me to pick one out. I did manage to order some fabric swatches, hopefully some will work for the fabric collage wallhanging I'm desiring to create.

Anyways, Chris worked on a wonderful library pocket book with tags that she's been creating. Wish I had some pictures to share with you......... her artwork is so inspiring!!! She has a way of thinking "outside the box!" You will get to see some of that as I will upload my "Magic and Moonbeams Altered Book". Chris came up with the wonderful idea of taking the watch crystals filling them with magic flackes, shaved ice, and beads that adorn my altered book.

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