Saturday, February 12, 2005

More on the remodeling.....

Remodeling project??? I'm remodeling? Nothing new has happened. The cabinet is still standing, I haven't touched it {nor ditched it yet!} My frustration with it not finishing the way I envisioned isn't inspiring me to work more on it either. LOL! I still intend to research the paint and if all else fails, start all over again with a new paint! I'm certain Dennis could use the two quarts I purchased so all wouldn't be lost. It would simply be nice to have it done, my computer IN IT so I could begin getting my living room back together.

After our visit to McConnell Health Heart hospital, I was simply wiped out. I took several days last week simply to rest up and get caught up on some house cleaning. Nothing too strenuous. Then, later in the week, I obtain a wonderful cold---- bacterial/virus thing that has been plaguing our town. Sore throat, running nose, tightness in the chest. I ran a fever for a few days, had the most wonderful chills and hot flashes, body aches and pains. Now, I know you aren't supposed to "self-medicate" yourself, however, I'm so glad I had 6 tabs of 250mg of erythromycin around. I took two to jumpstart them, and one thereafter three times a day. I'm glad I did after I heard many people have landed in the hospital with pneumonia with this stuff. It seemed to take everything I had just to finish up a hostest gift for the Valentine Tag swap. I manage to "lower" my expectations of it and send it along --- even though the finished project wasn't what I had originally intended to be. The good news is my friend who hostessed the swap seemed to enjoy it anyways. I'm looking forward to receiving the return of the Valentine Tags which has gone postal. There is even the possibility of it returning on Monday, which would be great as Monday is my 44th birthday!!!! Wish I could say I'm another year wiser, LOL...... although I'm certain I learned something this last year! {ouuuu, did I just leave myself wide open there for some wise-cracks???}

Anyways, I'm feeling better just a not a high-energy level quite yet. So, I think some rest and relaxation is in order. Time to celebrate "Me" on my birthday and get rested up for the upcoming trip back to McConnell on Wednesday.

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