Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Some thoughts on creativity........

Reading the Making Pearls book has truly reinforced within me that as an artist, I should do what I like, in mediums I enjoy working with, in subjects and styles that I love. I've found that I am most often inspired when doing so and am able to explore a little bit deeper into what it is that attracts me in the first place. By exploring this side of my artistic nature, I've open up to a greater flexibility where I am a little braver with exploring and trying a new technique or incorporating an older technique into my artwork.

It is helping me to stay focused on creating art vs. simply thinking about it. I discovered a long time ago, if I desire to improve in creating art I really need to begin to devote more time into creating. By making that investment in myself and in my artwork, I'm finding that I am for once truly creating projects that I love, that speak to my heart, and that make me happy.

It has taken me some time to actually reach this point in my life where I can truly say that I am trusting the process. That it okay if I desire to try a new technique in a unique way; or even look at the artwork of so many artists and allow myself to study and analyze what it is that attracts me. I've found that by doing so is helping me to discover the style of the artwork I desire to create at this point. It also provides me the opportunity to even imitate the artwork. I am a firm believer that imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery, however, there is something deep within me that simply must create in a way that it isn't an exact copy of the original. I tend to think I'm more inspired by others artwork than anything else.

I also think surrounding myself by other artists who are as full of energy, creative ideas, assists to inspire me. I've found the majority of artists are generous by nature. They are willing to share their thoughts and ideas, as well as a wealth of information regarding tips and techniques. They inspire me, not only by discussing art --- that is the easy part, but by sharing their passion. I suppose that in reality that is what I want to be, and artist who inspires, one who is willing to be open and honest about the art that I create, one who shares not only the artwork itself, but the passion behind it. I think to really be capable of doing that requires a bit of vulnerabilty, enough to allow you to bear your soul, sharing the ability to simply be yourself, and somewhat of a sense of pride in the artwork that you create. I do not mean conceit, for I realize there is always room for improvement, I mean doing what I love to do and enjoying where I am right now in the journey. I do think it takes some courage to blaze along new trails, to establish your own path. It isn't always easy feeling so open and vulnerable, especially to criticism regarding your artwork; although I realize that art speaks different things to different people. I feel that somewhere in all of this is it important to me to be true to myself, my own emotions, thoughts, and ideas. I believe that in doing so it will assist me to express myself and discover those things deep within myself. A good example of this is my desire to simply let go, to not allow the perfectionist tendencies that I possess to enter into my artwork, to continue working despite a smudge or a smear. I've learned to let go and stop sabotaging my creative forces and my artwork. I'm certain that this book is written in a way that it will grow with me, wherever my creative muse may lead for it is about the creative process. One that is growing, establishing, and becoming as well as one that relates to where I am in the present.

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