Monday, February 28, 2005

Still reeling with excitement......

from this past weekend spent having participated on @ ARTfest; meeting some new people, creating art. Wow! While Don worked Friday evening and during the day Saturday, I created some new art for the ARTfest Classes and challenges, participated in some games, and yes! I even won a few!!!! I'm not sure what I will receive as prizes, the suspense is killing me!!! I guess I'll have yet another great mail art day heading my way. :) I do know that their were some awesome sponsors so I am positive the prizes will be amazing!!!

I wasn't aware ARTfest was even happening until early Friday evening when I visited my friend, Faith's blog. Faith had made a reference to ARTfest and provide a link, so off I went to check it out! I'm so very glad that I did as it made my weekend so enjoyable; it was all downhill from there. I'm normally a little more reserved when meeting new people, joining groups, ect. so "jumping right in" is something I'm trying to get better at doing. Once there at ARTfest everyone welcomed me with open arms and I felt as if I had known some of them all my life. Don't you just love people who make you feel that comfortable?

Anyways, I want to get some of the artwork and projects that I worked on uploaded to my blog for others to see. I felt good about the amount and quality of the artwork that I made and I got to use some of those gorgeous Lynne Perrella's printed papers!

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