Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Flat Stanley arrived in my mailbox yesterday! Whoo-hoo! I made some journaling notes to include in the scrapbook I've yet to create to send back home with him. Don is off work today so I believe Flat Stanley will be taking a road trip with us. The weather here has been gorgeous... we hit the 60 degree mark yesterday and are supposed to be in the 70's today. Perfect for taking Stanley on an adventure!

I managed to get all my most recent purchases put away where they belonged in the studio the night before last. Made it through most of the pre-sorted piles and began sorting yet another box into pre-sorted piles to put away later. This seems to be working quite well and is definately making the large task of it more managable when broken down into smaller segments.

I haven't created any new artwork recently, well since Chris was over on Friday. My watercolored papers are dry now from my last adventure. I definately loved creating them and will probably make some more in the future to have on hand when I desire to use them. I am looking forward to one day of nice weather to create some large sheets of paste papers outdoors.

I am waiting on the arrival of one of the Journey Journals RR. It should come in the mail today. It will be a little late for the mailing deadline of April 2nd getting sent onto the next participant in its RR, although I am hopeful to work on it on Saturday. Hopefully, I can get inspired and maybe send it on quickly to get in the originally intented schedule. Of course this will also depend upon the next participant's schedule as well. I am excited to see what has been added to my journal; so far I know it has been received but no new pages have been uploaded to the group.

Well, I off of here to celebrate this wonderful Spring day! Hope everyone is having a good one, too.


Tatterededge said...

Hey Cathy, any idea what happened to the CA site? I cannot get it to load-it has disappeared! Do you know if there was any mention of it going anywhere? Also did you receive any of your prizes? I was supposed to get several and NOTHING has come. Weird!

Cathy said...

I emailed ya!