Monday, March 28, 2005

I see more organizing on the horizon.....

Chris & I just returned home from our road trip to Hallo's. We had a great time, shopped til we were ready to drop, and spent more than either of us intended. What's new with that, LOL! I stocked up on chipboard, parchment paper, some cardstock, deckle-edged sheets, and envies.

We stopped in Lodi at Scrapbook Outlet, which I wasn't too impressed with. I expected some older product lines and lower prices...... not happenin' there. The stock was pretty current and the prices the same as most scrapbook stores.

We also made a quick run into Pat Catan's while there where I ran across a few bargains on rubber stamps. I picked up 6 nice designs for $1 each; normally 6.99-$9.99 each. Gotta love that! I'm all for finding a bargain. I decided that I really need to get the studio organization going... I'm making progress yet it still isn't up to what I expect it to be so I'll be spending some more time out there this week.

I talked with Don over the weekend re: picking up yet another spinner rack from my friend, Jill and getting it filled with some handmade journals and sets of notecards handstamped by me. I'm planning on putting it in his store and seeing if I can pick up some extra $$$ there to assist with the website and some advertising for my studio.

Well, suppose I should get the boxes of new supplies taken out to the studio and put away. Heaven knows I don't need to put it off to do later.....

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