Saturday, March 26, 2005

Had a good evening...

Chris & I had a good evening in the studio last night. We both managed to get quite a bit accomplished. I am down to a few little drawers and one medium size suitcase in the search for metal embellishments to place within my clear acrylic embellishment containers. I went through a large Priority box of scraps, cut them down for ATC blanks and have them now stored in a snapped together plastic floppy disk box with a lid. Chris is giving the remants of those scraps to a few girls in her school who scrapbook and will be excited to take them off my hands.

In my search for metal embellies, I'm finding fibers, ribbons, stickers, printed papers, collage sheets and elements that have gotten scattered here and there so on today's agenda is to clean up from the creating session last night, set aside the supplies I'm using for the ATC's, and start in on at least getting a few piles of this stuff where it belongs. I'm plugging away at it and it is working in these small managable sections without overwhelming me and totally un-inspiring me to actually do it!

I managed to create 8 Go Postal themed ATC's for a upcoming swap --- one extra to given to Chris. I also began working on yet another ATC swap Out of Time that I haven't even signed up for. Chris & I decided we'd created one extra ATC to trade with one another when the swaps are small as these two were... a 7 for 7 swap. I figure the extra can go into my for trade section and will make great RAK's! Which reminds me I'd love to make a couple binder pages for my ATC binder like I created for Chris's gift. I believe I'll also create a several small cards in the same themes as the ATC swaps to serve as hostess gifts and assist with protecting the ATC while postal. Creating these will be a gift I give to myself for staying focused in managing these small bits of organizing.

Chris finished up a fun and funky book she's creating on consignment. I had to laugh as she was so un-inspired to work on it. The girl, age 16, desired a black and white zebra paper, with hot pink and neon green pages. I on the other hand loved it, although it isn't a color combination I'd personally choose to work with. She also managed to finish up a handmade plastic comb bound book that is absolutely adorable! It was envigorating watching her play and experiment with some gum arabic and pearl ex! She has quite an imagination. I was floored when she applied it to some dry embossed paper and totally changed it from a flat white to a wonderful piece of glitz and glammer.

We planned out road trip for Monday's adventure. We'll be leaving early as Chris will work the library late that afternoon after our return. I think we're both excited to get out and go! Must be catching Spring Fever! LOL!

Don will be working all day today, so I believe a day spent in the studio is just what I need to help me stay focused on these projects. I'm hopeful to begin working on some items for the Journey Journalsl. The ideas have been brewing so I am sure I will come up with something I'll be delighted to add to them as they begin to circulate this way.

I'm begining to get the urge to get back to finishing the computer amoire. There's still a tad bit of painting to be done, a coat of polyurathane, and the search for the fabric or wallpaper to add to the doors. Little by little, I achiving some of my goals......tying up the loose ends of them so I can get on to some bigger and better things! I will be happy if the living room remodel is completed by the end of May; that is with the exception of the hardwood floor --- but that is a project for yet another day! :)

I'll scan and uplate some of my recent artwork later...

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