Friday, March 25, 2005

Preparing to create.....

I spent some time in the studio yesterday re-organizing. I filled up the two new clear acrylic jewelry organizers I recently purchased from The Container Store. I'll be back out there in a bit to finish up. I need to move a few items out of the containers they are in and place them within these embellishement organizers.

I've been sorting out a few small boxes here and there along the way creating piles of papers, stickers, ribbon and fibers that will be put away next. I'm at a loss on where to keep my new wood mounted stamps and am seriously considering taking some lesser used stamps and shipping them to my sister & neices in Texas to free up some room for the ones I desire to keep.

I truly love UM stamps and wished more companies would offer them as an option. Storing them will be so much simpler for me. I did manage to get the ones I purchased recently stamped once for a stamp index which will assist in locating them. I sort of at a stand still with them until my EZ-Mount arrives {which reminds me to email them to be sure my order hasn't been misplaced; I know they recently were backed up with orders.}

Chris will be coming over today to create. She sounded so enthusiastic about getting back to creating ~ I know it has been a while for her. I'm simply happy that she is back in the grove again after being sick. We've planned another road trip for Monday; so it will be good to get out and have a girlfriend's day!

Tonight, I plan to experiment with a few techniques to add to the Journey Journals RR. I've yet to receive one as Christi came down with a cold, poor thing. It should be arriving by the first of the week which will be great! It will allow me to get to it right away this week and get it out by the next deadline and keep things on schedule. On of the members took the liberty to post the mail dates within the group so that will certainly help.

Don will be working all day Saturday so I plan to get back out in the studio then. I believe I'll plug away at the organizing a little, do a little cleaning from tonight's creative episode, and hopefully begin creating Melanie's Flat Stanley scrapbook. My sis IM'd me to say he should be postal by the beginning of next week. There are a few local spots I'd like Stanley to visit: The President Harding Home, his temporary tomb in the Marion Cemetary, the Harding Memorial, the Wyandot Popcorn Museum, a visit with grandma & grandpa, and a special feature --- a trip to Columbus to visit the Titanic exhibit at COSI. Of course, we'll have to eat at the Spaghetti Warehouse while we'll be so close... Yummmm........

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