Thursday, March 17, 2005

More on the Artful Idea Journey Journal

I've not made it out to the studio yet. However, I did create 6 pages for my Artful Journey Journal. It is all typed text, explaining who the journal belongs to with contact info, my excitement in participanting, info regarding my temporary binding, instructions to decorate the front of the page only, number of pages to decorate, info regarding the Canson Mi-Tientes paper I used along with size information, tips and ideas for participants who may desire more surface area, and an introduction to PLAY!

Since I printed them, trimmed them down, I'm thinking of using eyelets and a metal ball and chain to group them together. I'll need to create 2 pocket pages, one to decrease the bulk of the inspiration tags, and one to hold the previously mentioned creations. A eyelet placed upon the background page will also assist with the instructions of my journal from being misplaced while traveling from one artist to another artist.

I was wondering if I should created a 4 page spread in the journal to get things started. Need to decide upon that while cutting the additional 22 pages I still need. I'm sure I have enough paper and am thinking by doing so each artist will learn a little about me. We'll see how that takes shape. I've a day or two before the actually mail date yet, but am hopeful to have my journal postal by tomorrow.

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