Saturday, March 19, 2005

My Journal has gone postal!

I mailed it a few days ago. I cleaned up all the art supplies I had scattered about my living room and one by one boxes were moved back to the studio. I actually managed to put some things away, grouped a few similar items together on my table tops for organizing further soon. Not too much, just enough to deal with without causing me any additional stress, LOL! I had "good intentions" to get in the studio today. However, it is raining.... so I decided against venturing outside.

I spent my day browsed through a few of magazine that I allowed myself to keep inside for further investigation and decided there were a few techniques I'd like to try. So, I wrote them down for safe keeping.

Next, I got to thinking about the Journal RR again, so I decided to expand on some technique ideas to use within them. I came up with 4 ideas that I believe I'll share within the pages of the journals. Then, I wrote a paragraph on what I feel is important as an artist to share within them. I believe I'm done with any pre-planning for this project as I desire to leave some room for the journals to speak to me on a personal level so that I will something unique and different to share within each.

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