Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Congrats to me, TaeBo Day 2!

Decided to update once again while I'm cooling off and drinking my water. Whoo-hoo! What a workout! I definately tell the results from yesterday, lol, I felt the muscle burn a lot sooner and noticed a little tenderness in a few of my muscles, especially my hamstring which definately got stretched and yes, I have stomach muscles. ROFLOL, they are there just hidden under a roll. I discovered I'm again restless afterwards, must be the sweating.... I'm not particularly fond of yet, LOL!

I managed to make my bed up again afterwards, grabbed myself a bottle of cold water, freshen up a bit and here I sit, feeling good. I'm proud of myself! No thoughts of putting it off, just getting up and going. I know one day I'll pray for a day like this!

It is a gorgeous day outside today, I can hear the birds singing, the sun is shining and damn, do I ever feel good! I'm off to check my email, send a Thank You for the ATC RAK, and then on to cleaning out my dresser drawers and getting things put away. Since I had help keeping the laundry going yesterday, I've only one load of whites today and whatever else we may dirty up before days end. I'm so happy I'm getting "my act" together!

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