Tuesday, April 05, 2005

On the Artistic side of Life........

I need to make it out to the studio this evening to package up one of the journals for the journal RR. I've decided to put it in a large plastic baggie to protect it from any water damage along its journey. I was impressed it arrived safely without any damage.

I also need to create a couple more, 3 or 4, ATC's to finish up an upcoming swap, plus the additional one for Christine. We decide adding one for one another when the swap is below 9 to exchange with one another will help us accumulate them a little faster. The Out of Time ATC swap is the one I haven't officially signed up for yet, LOL! It is being hosted by the same hostess as the Going Postal ATC, so I figured I send them both out at once. While I am at it, I need to create one for an RAK ATC I received in the mail yesterday; which reminds me to figure out who it was that actually sent it so I can email a "Thank You" and inform them a Pay It Forward return is being sent out.

I also am planning to get my butt to work on creating Flat Stanley's Handmade SB Book. I need to do a little a cleaning in the studio; putting back what I've drug out recently, and capture a picture or two of him visiting with me there. Melanie loved being in the studio with my sister & I while here on vacation last July; so seeing Flat Stanley there will be an additional surprise.

Well, as you can see there's quite a bit on the agenda today....... so I'm off of here to go workout and begin the day! I'm hopeful to upload some of my accomplishments by the end of the day and possibly post yet another. Ta-Ta for now........

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