Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Day 3 of my TaeBo workouts.......

Whooo-hooo! What a workout! I'm feeling good and sweaty, LOL! I feel good that I'm sticking with this even though some muscle soreness is preventing me from doing the complete sets. I do what I can then walk in place when I simply cannot repeat one more. Hey, I at least I'm still moving. I didn't seem to notice the soreness from Day 1, wondering if soaking in the hot tub that night assisted with healing those muscles. May just have to try that tonight, as I'm feeling muscles I've forgotten I have. Blogging after excercise is great! It provides me an opportunity to cool down while my body cools although the fingers get a little sweaty too and it makes it difficult to hit some of the keys. You can blame all my typos on that, hehehe.

Well, I'm off of here for a bit. Got some catching up to do in some groups, re-check my email, and get started on the day ahead whatever adventures it may bring! Hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous weather, at least it is gorgeous here in Ohio.

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