Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Staying focused....

I very proud of myself for staying focused on my goals. I made it through another day completing almost everything on my "to do list'. I didn't get started on Mel's Flat Stanley book;, scanning, uploading, and packaging the 14 ATC's, creating a card for the swap hostess, making sure everything was enclosed in the envy, ect. took a little longer than I expected it to. Of course, it paid off; I've everything I need ready to be taken to the P.O. today. Hopefully, I will remember to ask for stamps on the Priority package; they are wonderful to use in the journals and in artwork.

I managed to drink my water yesterday--- again more than the 64 oz. recomended. Also, Don & I ate healthy. After a short trip to the grocery store in the afternoon, I fixed a couple cheeseburgers on the grill for Don & I prior to him going in to work. While they were cooking, I boil some eggs for tuna fish salad sandwiches, cut up some fresh celery and pineapple; which we had for dinner while watching The Amazing Race and then, Blind Justice.

It is expected to be another beautiful day here in Ohio. Thin rain clouds are breaking up as they hit the dry air so no rain is expected until well after nightfall. I sure hope the weatherman is right about that one. Don & I worked in the front yard yesterday...... raking up a little of the remnants of the late fall leaves and a lot of tree branches from the winter's ice storms and wind we had from last week's wicked snowstorm. I noticed I have a few daffodils emerging, one is beginning to bloom, and the hyacinths will be blooming soon. Don is off work today, so hopefully that won't me off with my working out. I did notice I was a little sore in the evening, in a good way!
Maybe we'll get some mulch spread around the trees in the front today, work around in the back yard, spring cleaning it. I really need to clean out the watergarden.... yuck! but it has to be done. Possibly this evening we'll take a small ride over to Galion, to visit Dennis and Sheila this evening. We haven't seen them in a while. We'll I'm off to get me a cup of coffee, go sit on the rear deck in the cool morning air. I'll check back in later today.

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