Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fallin' off the wagon......

Seems I fell off the "working out" wagon yesterday. It is so hard to keep up with the things I desire to do when Don's day off comes along. It throws me all off. I plan to get back to the TaeBo while he runs his morning errands and it is only one day. Maybe it will keep the soreness at bay. I'm doing good with water, drinking lots and lots, watching what I'm eating, although I haven't lost anymore weight since the 6 lbs. However, I haven't gained them back either. That's good news, right?

Yesterday, was a gorgeous day again here in Ohio. A lot cooler than the 70-80 degree weather we had recently but the sun was shining! although the wind was cold and brisk at times. We took a ride over to Lexington and had a great lunch at the the Dutch Heritage restaurant. Yummy, Amish cooking. We also stopped by Sheila & Dennis's unannounced and waited a bit for them to get home. Around a quarter til five, decided they must have made some others stops and came on home.

I haven't created any new artwork lately nor done anymore organizing or the living room remodeling. I've been meaning to lay some clothes out in the spare bedroom so I can head out to the studio early in the mornings while Don still sleeps and have yet to actually do it. It's almost too easy sitting on the computer, half asleep, enjoying the quietness as the day begins. Then, feel a little a guilty when I think of all I could be accomplishing, LOL! I'm definately becoming more of morning person, early to rise. Who would of thought that? Me of all people. I believe I'd get more done if only he wouldn't asleep later and I felt the need to be quiet. So, maybe heading out to the studio in the a.m. isn't such a bad idea at all. It seems my mind and body are hell-bent on this early to rise mode so I may as well embrace it. I'm sort of in between journals at the moment, waiting for one to arrive. Still need to drop off the film for developing; maybe later this morning we can run it out. We'll I'm off to begin my day.....will update more later.

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