Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Not too much going on..........

Not a lot going on the last several days. Boring ole' housework, LOL! Yesterday, I invited Patty and girls over for dinner; fixed a big pot of Spanish rice. Gathered up some white cardstock and colored pencils for my 11 yr. old god-child, Heaven. She created me a beautiful floral bouquet using the supplies and added a quote, "Life is like a bouquet of flowers, everyday is different." and hung it on my refrigerator. I gave her a small blank handmade journal I recently created; she's been desiring to write poetry and is interested in starting a quote book.

I lost 6 lbs. last week. Need to get started with the TaeBo again today! I'm doing good watching what I eat and drinking lots of H2O! Hopefully, this will continue. My friends are loving my new haircut! I plan to get it highlighted by the months end, we'll see.

Today is sort of overcast, a big change from the beautiful 70 & 80 degrees, sunny skies weather we've been having but nice none the less. I spoke with Patty re: helping me finish up the living room remodeling. She is interested and of course, could use a little $$$ with the new baby. Hopefully, we can get this knocked out by the months end and I can actually do my "A Day in May" daily studio visits! I'm hopeful to get a little more organizing knocked out within there as well.

My two ATC swaps {Going Postal and Out of Time!} arrived safely and on time; I'll be getting those back soon. I'm hoping to finish up a few little things indoors before heading out the the studio to create some more ATC's. I've received two more and need to RAK them back and replentish my For Trade ones. More artwork to share soon...........

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