Friday, April 01, 2005

Good Intentions....

Normally, I look forward to Friday's, but today, I'm in a lazy mode. I had every intention to get out to the studio to create one more set of pages for the Journal RR, do a little more organizing, so that I could get started on creating my neice's Flat Stanley book. Somehow, I never managed to make it out there. Here I sit, comfy and cozy {yep, still in my pj's, LOL!} enjoying a lazy day. I'm seriously considering a nap. I think the sleeplessness I've been experiencing is catching up with me; which makes this laziness I'm experiencing at least a guilt-free experience. Aw well, there is always tomorrow.... and I could always enjoy another pot of coffee, although I think a half a pot would do the trick and have decided to wait until at least early evening.

I have been keeping a journal regarding what I've been up to so that I pick and choose some of the content for Melanie's handmade SB on Flat Stanley's visit. Created a list of thinks to get photographs of, things to include, places to visit, memorabilia to obtain. I really want this to be a pleasurable and exciting experience for her. My sister, Mary, called today and was excited to inform Melanie that Flat Stanley had indeed arrived. Don & I thinking of visiting the COSI Titanic exhibit on Sunday if the weather doesn't allow for some outdoor local traveling. Of course, Flat Stanley will go along on whatever adventure we decide to take.

I was really hopeful that I would try to do the daily visit to the studio for the next 30 days. This is something I've been really thinking about lately. Making more of a commitment to my creating. There are so many things I desire to do.... to experiment with, but really tapping into expressing more of myself, my thoughts, my feelings into my artwork is the most important to me. I was thinking last night, in that moment just before you drift off to sleep, that in order for me to really do this I need to establish more of a routine, a daily routine. Of course, I can always justify my actions with "there is always tomorrow" to get started, which makes getting up and actually going that much more difficult to get started. Which leads me to why I do this... I think I simply have too much going on to actually stick with it right now, so my new goal is to finish up the loose ends of the projects I've got going, get the Spring cleaning done in my home --- which I've been tackling a little a time similar to getting all my art supplies put away--- in smaller segments and blocks of time. I really think that by waiting until I tie up some of these items, I'd be wasting my time because I don't believe I'd stick to it. Maybe, I should simply wait and try this in May, LOL! A month should provide me with the time I need to finish all these loose ends up.

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