Friday, April 01, 2005

Journals RR

I received my first Journal in the mail Thursday. It's so exciting to be a part of this RR, to see everyone's journal pages, intro's, themes, sign ins, and artwork created to set the mood. I managed to work in one of the journals immediately; hopefully, doing so will get it close to be back on track with the established mailing schedule. It was a little late getting mailed due a participant's health but definately worth the wait!

I played with my new stamps! Purchased on Chris's & mine road trip on Monday. I wasn't too sure at first re: how I was going to tie in a Cigar theme into the collage and stick with an Art Idea theme. As I was browsing online for an image cigar related in the public works, I got a lot a results when I finally went to searching for tobacco. Some unrelated to images however it inspired me seeing items of clothing, sunglasses, etc. that were "tobacco colors". That was when it hit me, to use Tobacco Brown colors to work into the art idea. To me, "tobacco brown" is the perfect name for the golden tans to dark, rich browns used in vintage collage photographs so I ran with it, LOL! It pulled my images and collage together with the theme of an art idea.

My next collage, I sort of stumbled upon. I desired to add a background technique to a sheet of the participants paper provided within the Journal RR. Since the pages are 6x9, I decided to do a Monoprinting Technique, which lead me to include the instructions for the "how to" re-create it. I included a collage to keep with the original artist's theme.

Stuck for an idea to add to the next series of pages, I decided to attack the concept of "Creative Block" I feel it is a concept all artist's experience at one time or another and it tied in with the Art Idea so I addressed how I handle it. I firmly believe that creative block is an important element in the creative process. It allows me to establish an end to the busyness of creating, a place to rest, to regroup, to re-coup. It is the perfect time to do some organizing from the chaos of frenzied creating phase, to do some research for future artwork, take a day to look for found objects, and do some shopping!

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