Saturday, April 09, 2005

What I've been up to.......

The last several days have been a whirlwind of activity. I haven't kept up with my TaeBo; I've been too sore! LOL! I discovered muscles I completely swore I didn't own. So, instead of giving up, I decided to give myself a couple days of rest, a chance for this ole' body to heal a little before continuing. Today, I feel great, so I will be working out yet again. Only this time, I am going to go to alternating every other day to prevent the soreness until I feel comfortable trying it daily again. I'm doing great with both watching what I am eating and drinking my water.

Instead of working out, I've decided to pamper myself in other ways. A long hot soak in the tub, a couple sessions of relaxing in the hot tub. I gave myself a facial, pampered my feet with a pedicure which I intend to repeat again tomorrow along with painting my toenails in preparation of sandal weather! I definately see some nail care in the near future; I've broken 3 nails this weeks due to dryness, peeling, splitting. So while they are growing back out, I'm pampering the others, slathering on lotion, and back to taking a mulit-vitamin daily.

Thursday, I spent the day with an old friend. Patti recently had a baby girl, Dakota and what a cutie! She is such a precious baby. Happy and content. It felt great to get up with Patti again. We went to the Moose for Family Night --- just the two of us --- for pizza and few beers. Stayed out too late --- chatting and catching up. Oh well. I've slept great the last several nights, LOL!

Last night, Chris & I got today for a light dinner out and then, returned home to play in the studio. Man, what an imagine she has. She created some awesome Trading Cards for a one on one swap she is doing with a woman overseas. I created and began working in Melanie's Flat Stanley book. I need to drop off the pictures I've taken earlier this week and pick up some more film so I can continue to work on it and get this mailed back.

Currently, I am without a journal in the RR. Having mailed Christy's on to Vicky and am waiting to receive another. I'll be back to organizing the studio some more and finish up my spring cleaning and LR painting soon.
It looks like a gorgeous day here today. The sun is shining. Maybe the perfect day to go for a walk.....

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