Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Catching Up or Running in Circles?

I cannot believe that it has been two weeks since I last update my blog! I've been so busy with the business side of my life that every aspect of my everyday is beginning to run together. In fact, I'm not even certain anymore if I'm moving forward or backtracking, LOL! Is it business or personal?

Here is the deal, I've been trying to focus on my home-based business, thinking things through more carefully, determining and deciding what is actually is that I desire to do, looking at my options from several angles, trying to stay focused on each aspect of it all, only to determine that it is all inter-related and without one aspect, it is impossible to continue to work on another.

So, I stopped, took a deep breath, and decided to review my original business plan that I had written two short years ago. I discovered that so much of what I desire then has now changed and it isn't fitting in the NEW direction that I've decided to take. Urgh!

So, instead of re-inventing the wheel and starting completely over writing a business plan that will take a few months to complete, I sat made an outline! Which is working for me.......... it is assisting to keep me somewhat focused on the tasks that I am trying to accomplish!

So, I got back to writing class descriptions, creating supply lists with measurements for each class, typing up outlines and class handouts; ----> At least these are New ones!

Then, I looked over what I have previously completely and decided that although not perfect, they will work for now and can be re-vamped and improved upon later.

I've also began determining website content, looking at hosting features, checking hosting options, asking myself a million questions, figuring in the cost of the operation, and looking at my budget to determine if:

1. Can I afford to do this NOW? Would it be in my best interest to go with something a little less and less expensive; allowing me to use the $$$ I'd save for different business aspects? Where is the best place to put the $$$ I'd save so that it works for me to get me where I desire to be in 3 months, 6 months, and one year from now?

2. How much $$$ can I save myself if I learn to do some of the work myself vs. hiring someone else to do it for me? Is the $$$ saved worth the time it would take me to learn and do some of it? Will it be beneficial to me to do this?

Well, the answer was yes!

So, I made a trip out to my community college to speak with an advisor. We took some time to look up my previous college experience --- 5 yrs. in an unrelated field of study, and discovered that I way over and above what credit hours I took in my area of study at the time. Between 1990-1995, working for an Associate's Degree in Nursing, a 107 Credit hour curriculum, I accumulated 141 Credit hours and after 5 yrs. of all that work, I am still without an Associate's Degree!!!! I could not believe it....

Unfortunately, I am unable to go back and complete college for my R.N. Degree without having to test out of a few years of collage courses and complete my 1st year of Nursing over and then take my 2nd year. OK, but..... that isn't feasible for me due to the fact that my automobile accident in May of 1999, I am no longer physical capable of performing the duties even if I did.

Therefore, I will be contacting another person in the college to see what can be done with the previous credits that I have already earned, and IF we together can work out an area of independent study or return to college to create a degree program that would be specifically geared to assist me start my business and incorporate the previous knowledge and credits I've already earned.

There are several ways that I can go about using the knowledge I gained while attending 5 yrs. of college previously and possibly achieve the goals that I currently am striving for.

The complicated part or down side....... is that I may need to transfer collages and there is a slight possiblity that I could loss some of my previously earned credit hours. The finances that I have for my business, would now need to go towards my education and my business endeavor would be put on hold or at least on a part-time basis while I attend college once again full-time.

The upside is........... IF I decided to return to college, within 1-2 years, I could be working in a related field which would assist me both personally, professionally, and financially which in turn could assist my business endeavor in the long run.

So, I am at yet another crossroads in my life. Decisions, Decisions.................... Anyways, I will be meeting with an advisor to see if we can make arrangements to get me where I desire to be, incorporating the two, looking at my options. I certainly wish that somewhere within my heart I knew exactly that this is the right thing to do. Right now, I'm simply trying to relax, think about it all, and hopefully I can come to a conclusion soon. Until then, I suppose I'll keep doing what it is that love to do........ create art!

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