Saturday, June 04, 2005

Good Morning.........

I've spent the last few days of the week talking with the local collage here and envisioning my dream recently mentioned. Seems no-one has an answer for me although all is not lost as I'm getting referred all over---- meaning I'm making more phone calls, speaking with more people, and feel as if I'm running in circles, LOL! Nothing new with that! Anyways, I did seem to come across one lead that appears solid. Hopefully, by this week's end I'll have a little more answers to some of my questions: I've simply got to believe that I am going to get something accomplished! In the meantime, I've done a little online research. Lima offers a Occupational Therapist Assistance program and Philadelphia offers a 4 yr. full fledged Occupational Therapist program. I'm not exactly crazy about a 2 1/2 hr. drive 2X a day for Lima; and Philly doesn't interest me---at least not at the moment. Therefore, the search continues.

I spoke with a product manufacturer on the telephone this week and will soon be adding an entirely new line of products to Partly Paper! I am so excited as I will be the first supplier of this product within my local and surrounding area. I'm not certain of exactly how that happened as it doesn't happen often enough. I am learning to get more in touch with myself and in doing so and going with my instincts things are truly looking up. I'm feeling a bit more positive these last several days, even in light of the recent "run-around".

Yesterday, was the first day of Don being back on days. It seemed strange having time with him on a Friday afternoon and evening! We ended up taking an unexpected road trip in search of 2 matching chaise lounges for our rear deck. We were, okay, I was....... hopeful that I would find 2 that match our patio furniture. 3 counties and 3 stores later and no such luck. I plan to do an internet search to see if someone within the chain store has any available which may possibly mean yet another road trip. Well, with any success that is.

I did manage to re-pot a few houseplants this week along with a Hydrangea. I moved some candles outside to place within the potted plants around the hot tub and on the patio table. After our search for the elusive chaise lounges, Don and I managed to take an hour or so to enjoy our rear deck, patio set, and wide open sky ---- a perfect end to the day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous here in Ohio and today is supposed to be yet another beautiful day. I'm looking forward to it; maybe I can cook up Don a wonderful breakfast and sweet talk my way into a trip to a garden center for some flowers to plant....

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