Monday, June 06, 2005

Search and Research?

LOL, for lack of a better title! Anyways, the search for the "elusive" chaise lounges continued on Sunday........ after many, many long distance telephone calls and absolutely no luck what-so-ever, Don & I decided a drive to Kenton was in order. While visiting K-Mart we decided on a 4 pc. Patio Bar! The additional 20% off and the Martha Stewart Bar Set seemed liked the perfect deal....... at least until we tried to get it into the back of the Jeep Cherokee, LOL! About 20 minutes later we finally managed it and we're on our way. Stopping at an new nursery on the way back home re-inforced some of the components that I am desiring to incorporate in my own rear deck and back yard. Lots of pottery and vintage garden tools! I picked up a flat of white petunias to coordinate with all the white, yellow, and light greens in the surrounding plants and planters. Perfect contrast to the neutral khaki-color in the patio furnishings.

Once home, we unloaded the bar set; much easier to take out than it was to put in! Then, proceeded to determine it's placement on our deck. After a few mistakes, we decided to move the table over a few feet, remove two of the table set chairs to create a small seating group on the opposite side of the deck, and placed the bar set at the end of the table grouping. In doing so, we also have the bar to utilize as a sideboard for casual outdoor dining and entertaining.

Upon checking the outdoor thermometer to discover it was 90 degrees F in the shade, I decided it was time to cool down! We ventured indoors to move some small furniture pieces so the air conditioners could be put in it. Thankfully, our neighbors helped get them up out of the basement where we stored them on wooden pallets over the winter and into the windows. While waiting for the house to cool, we ventured back outside to wash the Jeep. Lots of sun, heat, and humidity and a garden hose made for a fabulous time. I don't remember Don & I being so playful in a long time as we were washing the Jeep; it was no longer a chore to complete but a contest to see who could drench who without the other's knowledge! An hour later, we were both sunburnt! LOL! as the heat of the day and the water fried both of us.

After cleaning ourselves up, changing out of soaking wet clothes, we headed to Lowe's. Purchased a matching curtain rod and a pair of sheers for our last remaining living room window and a new Ice Tea Maker. I won't mention who broke the last one due to trying to shove a large piece of ice into the plastic picture but I will say I was excited to see this new one came with an additional bonus of an extra picture! LOL! Leaving there, our wallets a lot lighter than when we entered we headed off to pick up a new telephone. Anyone who has talked to me on the phone when it is raining or has recently rained will definately appreciate that new fact! Unfortunately, severe thunderstorms prevented us from getting it plugged in and charged up; maybe today? Our next adventure led us to the grocery store...... I chore I despise but survived. Upon returning home I cooked us a wonderful Chinese meal ... Pepper Steak and white rice which we enjoyed along with a glass of white wine on the back deck until the sky turned dark and ugly. It wasn't long before we running again, grabbing anything and everything that wasn't fastened down as the wind suddenly went from cool and comforting to strong and blowing up a thunderstorm. We cleaned up briefly after dinner only to fall exhausted into our perspective places --- Don in his recliner and me on the loveseat. Life is good!

The research part of this post, is I haven't done anymore in the direction of Occupational Therapy. I'm hoping to get some work done on the computer later today during the heat of the day. For now, I'm off to plant white petunias...............

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