Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thank you's; updates and art..........

Thank you to those who've emailed or IM'd me asking where I've been and if everything is okay. I am fine; just been so very busy and sick. Seems what I thought was simply a summer cold turned into pneumonia {which I just finished a course of antibiotics for and am doing so much better!}........ now to get my hip back into place and staying there would be a godsend! I dislocated my hip in a coughing fit......... at first I thought I'd simply thrown my back out but after a few days of intense pain that lots of rest, long soaks in both the hot tub & bath tub didn't cure; I figured I'd better get my a$$ to the chiropractor to see what was up. I'm doing better now yet still seeing my dear Dr. 3X a week.......... probably need to continue seeing for a few months according to him.

Why you've not seen any new artwork from me...... well, it isn't that I'm not creating.... a girl has to have something to do while laid up, LOL! it is that I unhooked my scanner intending to get it hooked up out in the art studio. Since then, I decided to change my mind and will hooking it up using a TV tray beside the computer amoire since there is no room inside. I'm taking my other scanner to the studio for use there. I promise, I've plenty to get scan in and get uploaded!

I'm working diligently on creating ATC's; have probably made close to 50-60 of them. I will be submitting 5 of them for European Papers House of Cards Traveling display. Chris and I have gotten together 3X this last week and will playing today to create even more to take with on July 31st for the exhibit and in person trades. Both of us are truly excited and impressed to have something so amazing so close to us. For some reason, there is not a lot of scrapbooking, rubberstamping, and paper arts conventions here in Ohio. I don't understand it as Columbus has a wonderful Convention Center that is easily accessible. Anyways, the ones we do have make for a nice road trip, LOL!

Speaking of road trips, Chris and I are planning an overnight adventure the 2nd week of July. We're heading to Ann Arbor, MI to visit Hollander's!!!! I absolutely love their selection of handmade and imported papers, book arts, and various other bookmaking goodies. You cannot beat the eye candy that can viewed while there. So, saving $$$ for that ---- we've decided to make it an overnight adventure and will be staying in a motel vs. the 3 3 1/2 hr. drive up, shopping, and then returning the same day. I'm ready for the adventure.

Besides the ATC creations, I've been working on the Journal RR. Due to one of the participants having a death in the family, I received two add'l journals besides the one I currently had. It wasn't too hard working in all 3 at the same time, in fact, it made it easy as I could create everything assembly line fashion and get them mailed right back out ---- one within 2 days of receiving it! I haven't seen any of the pages --- additions that have been added to my own journal so it will be a complete surprise when I do! I'm an not the least bit concerned about it like I imagined I'd be..... but then seeing the artwork created and shared within the journals I've received and worked within is a major reassurance that it will be absolutely stunnning. To date I've worked in 5 of the 14 circulating journals and the shipping hasn't been bad to ship them on. I was a little concerned about this at the beginning, however, being able to send them Priority so far has been wonderful. Low cost for the weight of some and 2-3 day delivery to the next person on the journey is amazing! Having them to work in while getting through the health issues was a godsend; wasn't like I was doing much anyways other than sitting and laying around; Creating Art in them helped to keep my sanity intact, {ok, what sanity I have anyways!}LOL!

Well, I'm off to telephone Chris to determine what time I should expect her. I'm looking forward to getting back into the studio and creating. Lots and lots of ideas and inspiration flowing so it will be fantastic to tap into it. I promise to hook up the scanner later and upload some new images!

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