Thursday, June 09, 2005

Summer days and hanging out with friends...

I'm loving this wonderful hot summer weather! It is just the lift that I so desparately needed. Tuesday was in the mid-90's --- perfect for a cool day out on the rear deck. Don and I have adjusted the hot tub temp to a cool 94 degrees so we are able to enjoy it and cool off. Patti, Taylor, Dakota and I spend the early part of the day lounging in the sun and in the hot tub cooling off. Since Dakota is still so little, I waited to add chemicals until after we were done. Around 4 p.m. I treated the water with the weekly shock treatment, sanitizing tablet, and adjusted the bromine and ph levels - which didn't really require tweeking. An early evening thunderstorm cooled down the temps of the day allowing Don and I to enjoy a late night soak in the low 80's. I enjoy our deck so much in the evenings. We've 3 bunnies that roam the yard, several songbirds === some cardinals and a morning dove that sing to us beautifully. Flowers, a few candles, and cold glass of wine make for some fantastic soul-searching time and relaxation creating a zen-like environment.

Yesterday, we took a ride, driving first to Upper Sundusky up St. Rt. 23, then over to St. Rt. 30 into Hunger Paynes in Crestline for dinner. Their stuffed green peppers were just right; not too much in the heat. Upon leaving we drove on over to Scrap and Stamp Ink in Ontario to visit with Becky. It was so great to have a little bit of time to catch up with such a wonderful friend. We made plans to get to gether soon and will talk later about a stamping play date. I, for one, am ready for one! Don is now back on day hours at the store, so it has been a little bit of an adjustment for me. Soon I'm hoping I'll be back on track with getting back to my artwork.

The journal RR is still rotating, I'm hoping to get a page or two finished in Pat's journal..... I didn't quite get that accomplished as I'd hoped to earlier in the week. Oh well........ just as well as the mail date will be closer to another participants return from vacation.

On a more personal note, I've been reading Dr. Phil's Self Matters and I love this book! He is so straight forward and truly empowering. Yesterday, Tonya, my hairdresser fit me in with an early 8:30 appt. to cut and highlight my hair and I had an eye Dr. appt. at 11:20. My trial pair of contacts should be in within a week to ten days; and new glasses a bit later. I'm back to eating lighter meals, more fruits and veggies, and am getting more exercise; hopefully, I'll be dropping some more weight soon as I've seemed to hit a plateau.

It appears to be yet another beautiful Ohio day; there is the possibility of a late afternoon thunderstorm so maybe I can squeeze in some studio time today.

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