Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Family Roots Envelope Book

I finally found some time to scan in the Family Roots Envelope Book that I created in a book class on National Scrapbook Day at a 39 hr. crop. Others attending the crop were amazed at the amount of work that Chris, Debbie, Jackie, and I put into decorating our books and instantly fell in love with them! Not having a large amount of my own family photographs to use, I found some "Instant Ancestors" on the internet to print out for use in another project but happened to have them with me. Other images are rubber stamps that I used and some transparencies. There is a ton of embellishments on these pages --- too many to list by manufacturer! The envelope itself is an Accu-Cut template with the side flaps removed and is attached in an accordian fashion by attaching the bottom flap of one envelope to the top of the next envy. In the event that I would ever re-create this envelope book I'd probably add one more envelope to the structure and remove the bottom flap so that once closed accordian style the book structure itself would have one complete full envelope on the cover and one flap at the top. Doing this would make for an awesome "box" appearance that possibly a book clasp could be added to the book for a unique closure.

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