Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Work Continues........

The last several days of my life have been spent on focusing on website design and content, playing in Powerpoint, learning the in's and out's of the program, and in actually getting my classes within the studio up and running. I know I'm now hell-bent on designing the site myself, to save some $$$ in web design fees and I believe for me this is the best way to go as I'll not only be learning along the way but will be better prepared for updates and improvements to be made. I believe that I the more you put yourself into your business, the more aware you are of what is required on the day to day operations.

I reviewed the class descriptions, handouts, and will be timing myself on the teaching of them from beginning to end so that I'll have some concept of how much time I'll need in the actual preparation of each class, teaching and assisting those taking the classes, all of which will assist me in the pricing of the classes appropriately. There is definately a lot to consider.....

Secondly, my thoughts are focusing more on more on the introduction of a product line in my fiance's store. I believe I've set my mind on the products that I desire to include and have also been spending some time thinking about how to make this goal of mine achievable on a larger scale in the event that this takes off. I believe I've come upon several realizations that will assist me better in the future and I've even considered the possibility of expanding this venture. There's definately room for expansion and I believe that if one doesn't plan for it and consider it as an valuable option they are setting themselves up for failure before they even begin.

There are times I wish I could be more specific in some of my thoughts and ideas, however, I'm learning from experience that somethings are better left unsaid and kept private in nature if one plans to succeed and not benefit someone else who may steal your thoughts and ideas before you are able to implement them yourself. That makes it a lot harder when you are a sole-proprieter of a business and can count only upon yourself to implement those ideas. If only there was more time in the day.....and I had a little more time to implement these things.

Well, that realization has led me to creating a list of goals that I will be working towards on a daily basis. I've left some room in the schedule for some room for error and some personal time that can be used for business if needed. Focusing on this is now my number one priority! I'm buckling down and getting serious about this......... it's time to make these dreams my reality!
Stay tuned, there are some improvements in the works............*smiles*

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